While you travel, with a 12 hour bezel you don't need to adjust the hands at all, as you change time zones.
Just align the bezel's hour markers to correspond to the time difference that's relevant to you, and you are done: you can read the local time by where the hands are pointing on the dial, and the "away" time according to where the hands are pointing on the bezel (or vice versa, if you choose).
For example: New York City is 5 hours behind London. If you travel to London and want to know what time it is back home, you would rotate the bezel 5 clicks to the right until "7" appeared above the watch's 12 o'clock hour marker. Now, the hours in New York City correspond to the hours in local London time. (You simply have to account for AM and PM.)

"Voyager" is an indispensable and timeless piece for classy and sporty male wardrobe, perfectly matching the gentleman’s rules of dressing, consequently is the first choice for professionals that value the simple and beautifully intuitive two zones functionality and the efficiency of the SuperLuminova indexes, not to mention the design of the dial perfectly combined with the Stainless Steel 316L case.

"Voyager" combines the Stewart Dawson London historical heritage with a contemporary classy and sporty attitude to perfectly complete the connoisseur’s wardrobe and meet everyday rituals. The time-keeping accuracy on two time zones represents a unique feature when you need to simultaneously display a secondary time zone, either if you travel frequently for work, or just need to keep your calendar appointments in the right time zone.